The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) have welcomed Revolution360 and Wrappr to the association.

Revolution360 is a national Out of Home media owner that specialises in street poster, wall mural and experiential advertising.

Josh Fitzgerald, Revolution360’s national sales director, said joining the OMA and MOVE, the audience measurement currency for OOH media, will give legitimacy to its assets and allow them to provide an ongoing, meaningful contribution to the industry.

Wrappr is a nationwide OOH advertising platform that offers advertising on private vehicles and driven by local brand advocates.

Co-CEO of Wrappr Jonte Shaw said the company was looking forward to being part of the association and the upcoming launch of MOVE2.

Elizabeth McIntyre, OMA CEO, welcomed the new member agencies and said that the upcoming launch of MOVE2 will “provide greater data granularity to our members, advertisers, and agencies, including seasonal changes and regional and place-based audiences.”

Last year, as part of Mediaweek’s A to Z of 2023McIntyre reflected on stepping into the CEO role of OMA, working with the Outdoor industry and truths about advertising.

Among the truths she shared was the importance of granularity in data and what MOVE2 will mean for OMA and the industry.

She wrote: “The revolution that will be MOVE2 will fill the gaps that MOVE didn’t have the capacity for, including seasonal changes and regional and place-based audiences. And we’re seizing this opportunity to provide greater granularity— which means a lot of data.

“We’re working hard to put systems into place to ensure an amazing user experience, and this is spinning us into some truly innovative work. Our focus on better measurement and data-driven insights will present new opportunities for advertisers.

“As we move forward into 2024, the Outdoor industry is not just facing the future but actively shaping it to be outstanding. Together, with a shared vision for a thriving and dynamic landscape, we step into a year of possibilities, challenges, and uncharted territories, reaffirming that the journey has only just begun,” the OMA CEO added.

This article was originally published on Mediaweek on 24th January 2024.


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