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A comprehensive personality assessment will categorise you into 1 of 16 distinct profile types. The quiz will take you less than 5 minutes to complete. The engine that powers our quiz has been refined over many years and is used by schools, universities, recruitment firms and government departments.

It’s been completely customised for the Australian advertising and media industry. Over several months, Advertising Industry Careers worked with the designers of the product to map 162 of the most sought-after occupations in the industry. This is the first time the tool has been tailored specifically for a single industry.

You’ll receive a personalised report to your phone and email address. This report will tell you a lot about your style, strengths, work preferences and behaviours under pressure. It will also tell you which occupations people like you are most likely to find enjoyable.

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Nobody else including us or employers advertising on this site can see your report or your responses to the quiz. We hold onto your email address so we can send you market information and job alerts but other than that, your report and your responses are not stored on our servers. You can choose to use the information provided in your job applications, but that is totally up to you.

  • Job Satisfaction and Fulfillment: A career aligned with one’s strengths and personality is more likely to bring job satisfaction. When individuals are engaged in roles that resonate with their innate abilities and interests, they are more motivated, engaged, and fulfilled.
  • Optimal Performance: People tend to excel in roles that play to their strengths. By focusing on what they are naturally good at, individuals can achieve higher levels of performance and make more significant contributions to their fields.
  • Reduced Burnout: A mismatch between personality and job requirements can lead to stress and burnout. On the other hand, alignment can result in a more balanced and sustainable career.
  • Personal Growth and Development: When individuals are in roles that align with their strengths and personality, they are more likely to seek opportunities for growth, take on challenges, and invest in continuous learning.