As you can see from many of the jobs on this site, digital marketing skills can be your ticket to a very fulfilling and secure career. The fact is, EVERY business needs to lean on digital marketing to find customers. So, whether you’re a new industry entrant looking to increase your career prospects, an existing marketing professional or an entrepreneur wanting to take charge of your own customer funnel, a free course from Neil Patel might be the solution for you.

Who is Neil Patel?

If you’ve done any research on Digital Marketing over the last 20 years, a name that will have cropped up again and again is Neil Patel. Neil is a New York Times Best Selling Author and one of the world’s most influential marketers according to The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. For over two decades, he’s been providing consulting and thought-leadership to the business and marketing community. He is also the co-founder of NP Digital, an agency that brings his passion, innovation and insights to life for brands across the globe.

Are you ready to learn some valuable skills?

Like with any course, you’ll get out what you put in. Sometimes when courses are free, there can be a tendency to give them less respect and attention than they deserve. This is particularly true here  – these courses are delivered to you, for free, by a global authority and are fully deserving of the time it takes to complete them. Neil Patel practices what he preaches and has built multiple global businesses and a digital agency with offices all over the world. Make sure before you start, you mentally plan to give the course the time required to properly absorb it. It will be time very well spent.

Courses available

The free courses include videos, ebooks, guides, templates, and more to help you grow your traffic. Titles available at the time of writing are:

  • SEO Unlocked – Everything you need to know to get higher rankings
  • Local SEO Unlocked – Learn how to rank for local keywords
  • Instagram Unlocked – From 0 to 100,000 followers
  • CRO Unlocked – Everything you need to know to get more sales
  • Ecommerce Unlocked – Learn how to market any e-commerce site
  • YouTube Unlocked – From 0 to 100,000 followers
  • Facebook Unlocked – From 0 to 200,000 followers
  • Growth Hacking Unlocked – Secrets to fast growth
  • Content Marketing Unlocked – Learn how to create and promote content
  • LinkedIn Unlocked – Generate more leads and sales
  • Email Marketing Unlocked – From 0 to 50,000 subscribers

To access the courses, head to Neil Patels Digital Marketing Training page.

Want it done for you?

While we’d all love to learn these skills and keep them up to date, it’s not always feasible especially when you’re running a team or business. That’s where NP Digital can help. NP Digital has a team of experts with skills in all of these areas who can help you implement a growth strategy for your business. Check out their business profile here.


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