Programmatic advertising is a revolutionary approach to buying and selling ad space in real-time, using automated processes. The method leverages data and algorithms to streamline the ad-buying process, making it more efficient and targeted. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, programmatic advertising has become a cornerstone of successful digital marketing campaigns.

The iab, an industry body and leading organisation in the digital advertising space, has developed the Programmatic Advertising and Trading Microcredential to address the growing demand for specialised skills in programmatic advertising. The course is industry-reviewed and verified so it can look great on your resume!

The program is suitable for people currently in related roles or those interested in the skill set to transition or build their careers. Enrolling in the program opens doors to networking opportunities, industry recognition and potential credits for future postgraduate studies at Deakin University.

Topics Covered

Over 6 weeks, you’ll learn the following:

Week 1: The course begins with an introduction to programmatic, ensuring you’ll grasp the fundamentals and establish a great foundation for further learning. The next modules explore the programmatic ecosystem, providing an insider’s view of the key players and their interconnections. You’ll learn why purchasing programmatically is essential in optimising advertising spend.

Week 2: During Week 2, you’ll learn about programmatic auctions and the diverse data sources and types employed in digital advertising. Key topics such as viewability, pixels, and tags will be explored. You’ll also learn about the evolving role of cookies.

Week 3: Get ready for a practical understanding of how to measure success in programmatic advertising. You’ll explore different methods and techniques to gauge how well your campaigns are doing. And to ensure your skills translate to the real world, you’ll learn how to use key measurement techniques in your own campaigns for optimal results.

Week 4: You’ll learn about horizontal versus vertical advertising and why it’s crucial to mix things up in your plan. Ready to dive into audience segmentation and targeting? We’ll give you the lowdown so you can reach the audience you want and supercharge your campaigns. To give you job-ready skills, the course covers audience data vendors in programmatic advertising.

Week 5: You’ll get a comprehensive look at the marketing funnel and its application to digital media. You’ll gain useful knowledge on various digital media categories, such as display, video, CTV, audio, DOOH, search, native, and social media advertising. The curriculum is designed to give you essential tools and knowledge being sought after in the market.

Week 6: The final week is about preparation for your assessment. You’ll have a choice of either completing an assessment task based on a brief from your workplace (if applicable), or if you what, you can also complete the assessment based on a brief provided in the course.

When it comes to applying for Programmatic Roles, employers want to know you’ve got the relevant knowledge because, quite simply, poorly optimised campaigns are a waste of money. By gaining a micro-credential from an industry body such as the iab, you’re giving employers confidence in your abilities.

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