I kind of wish I was 6 foot 8′ as this mugshot suggests but, alas, I’m a meagre 5 foot something something and that makes me SHORT… on funds for bail!

On 27 June, I will be handing over my mobile phone and getting dressed in overalls – to spend a night in prison.

I’m taking part in UnLtd. Adland Bail Out to raise funds and awareness for breaking the cycle of youth incarceration. I’ll be fingerprinted, interrogated and lined-up before sleeping on the cold hard floors of a prison cell.

In order for me to be released the next morning, I need to raise $1,250 bail and I need your help! Please support me to help raise some much-needed funds and awareness to help keep kids out of jail. All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your generosity.

Donate at: https://shoutforgood.com/fundraisers/adlandbailout2024/profiles/julie-anne-longano

Did you know:

• 8,982 young people aged 10-17 were under youth justice supervision during the year in Australia 

• 59% of young people in detention are First Nations young people (June 2023)

• Imprisoning young people causes a ‘revolving door’ of incareration with 85% returning within 12 months when released from sentenced detention

• It costs over $1 million per year, per young person in prison in NSW

Where your support will go:

The funds raised from Adland Bail Out go towards effective programs to break the cycle of youth incarceration operated by UnLtd’s charity partners. Programs that are designed to help keep kids out of jail through holistic support, help young people navigate the court system through court and legal support and help young people currently incarcerated to develop skills and alternative pathways to successfully transition back into community. 


AIHW, Youth justice in Australia 2021-22 report 

NSW Minister for Youth Justice, July 2023


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