The Media Federation of Australia (MFA) is expanding its foundation digital training course, MFA Digital Foundations, to all clients and professionals from non-member agencies and businesses in a bid to advance the digital skills of the industry.

The course was previously only open to employees of MFA member agencies, clients of member agencies and media owner professionals, but as of the Autumn 2024 semester the course will be open to all professionals interested in elevating their digital media knowledge and skills.

MFA Digital Foundations is an industry-recognised program created by media experts and sets a benchmark for what constitutes basic digital proficiency, ensuring a clear understanding of the media landscape. This includes language and terminology, buying and trading models, and evaluation and measurement.

Upon the successful completion of two exams, participants receive professional certification.

The MFA e-learning program aims to provide skills and knowledge to build successful careers. Last year, the program had 1,700 participants and 25% of whom were marketers and media owners.

Linda Wong, MFA’s director of people, said that understanding the basics of digital and television is fundamental for a successful career in the industry, from client, media owner or at a media agency.

“We believe expanding the program to everyone in our industry, particularly marketers, will lead to better decisions and ultimately enhance the effectiveness of media thinking across the board.”

Gemma Dawkins, PHD national head of digital, said the goal of the MFA Digital Foundations has been to ensure it advance knowledge and keep pace with change at a time when digital media is constantly evolving and changing.

“Marketers who’ve participated in the program tell us it’s like ‘jumping on a rocket ship’ in the way it stratospherically advances their knowledge and understanding of digital media, and that benefits us all,” she added.

The industry organisation is also set to introduce two new courses – MFA Out-of-Home Foundations and MFA Audio Foundations – in the second half of 2024. MFA e-learning also includes MFA Television Foundations, which is open to everyone.

This article was originally published on Mediaweek on 22nd January 2024.


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