Choosing a career path is like picking the perfect Netflix show – there are tons of options, but finding the right one can take more time than you thought it would. If you’re wondering whether the advertising world has a creative career to offer you, here’s a quick guide to help you figure out if it’s the cool gig you’ve been looking for.

1. Digging the creative vibes:

Do you get a kick out of coming up with quirky ideas, catchy phrases, or eye-popping designs? If your answer is a resounding “heck yes,” then the creative playground of advertising might just be your jam.

2. Storytelling is your thing:

If you find yourself glued to captivating stories, whether it’s in books, movies, or that random YouTube video, you’re already speaking the language of advertising. Crafting stories that hit people in the feels is a major part of the game.

3. Rolling with the changes:

Things change faster than the latest TikTok trends in the ad world. If you’re the type who rolls with the punches, adapts to new vibes, and sees a challenge as something to rip into, you’re on the right track.

4. Team player extraordinaire:

Advertising is like a blockbuster movie – it takes a whole crew to make it happen. If you thrive on bouncing ideas off others, cracking jokes with your team, and turning brainstorming sessions into a creative fiesta, you’ll fit right into ad world’s movie set.

5. Bring on the feedback:

Ever posted a pic and welcomed comments, even the not-so-flattering ones? If you’re cool with feedback, see it as a chance to level up, and don’t mind a bit of constructive criticism, a creative role in advertising is where you can shine.

6. People watcher pro:

Are you the friend who can people-watch for hours, making up stories about strangers at the coffee shop? Understanding your audience is a big deal in advertising, and your natural curiosity about people’s quirks is a plus.

7. Impact junkie:

Sure, selling stuff is part of it, but making an impact is where it’s at. If you fancy the idea of influencing how people think, challenging the norm, and being part of conversations that matter, the ad industry could definitely be the place for you.

8. Bouncing back like a pro:

Ad life’s got its fair share of hurdles – crazy deadlines, clients with wish lists longer than your grocery receipt, and those creative roadblocks. If you’re the type to dust off and come back swinging, you’re rocking the resilience needed for ad world.

In a nutshell, figuring out if advertising is your groove involves some soul-searching, knowing what makes you tick, and being open to the journey. If these vibes sound like your kind of party, welcome to the ad life – where every idea is a chance to shine. So, grab a seat, pop some creative popcorn, and let the adventure begin!


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