Let’s be honest, there are a lot of fairly mundane eLearning platforms out there. You know the ones. The course content is average, not at all engaging and in some cases, very poorly connected to the real world.

42courses.com is not one of those platforms. Pioneering what they call the ‘anti-boring approach’, this platform offers a diverse range of courses strategically crafted to empower individuals in three key areas: Creativity, Problem-solving, and Mental well-being. So, what sets 42courses apart?

Enjoyable learning experience

42courses shatters the stereotype of dull and tedious learning. All courses are meticulously designed not only to be informative but also enjoyable. Bid farewell to snooze-fest learning as each lesson is a dynamic exploration of practical skills presented by industry experts who navigate these skills daily. The emphasis is not just on theory but on instilling the confidence to apply knowledge in the real world.

Practical learning from experts

Unlike conventional platforms, 42courses doesn’t stop at theory. The focus is on imparting practical skills directly from professionals entrenched in their respective fields. The abandonment of the traditional learning book is evident as courses are broken down into engaging chapters and bite-sized lessons, facilitating effective comprehension.

Blended learning approach

42courses adopts a blended learning approach, seamlessly integrating visual elements such as videos and images with written text using storytelling principles. Each lesson is designed to enhance understanding, with hyperlinks provided for those eager to delve deeper into the subject matter. Immediate feedback ensures learners stay on the right track, and select questions are personally marked by 42courses tutors, adding a human touch to the learning journey.

Certification with a difference

Upon successful completion of a course, learners receive a signed and dated certificate from associated global brands or thought leaders. This certification, akin to those from traditional institutions, serves as a testament to practical and applicable skills. Easily downloadable, these certificates become powerful tools to showcase individual brilliance on CVs and LinkedIn profiles, leaving a lasting impression on current or potential employers.

Self-paced learning for flexibility

Recognising the importance of individualised learning journeys, 42courses offers self-paced but supported courses. The platform accommodates various learning preferences, allowing users to progress at their own speed. Most courses, taking between 6-9 hours, are designed to fit seamlessly into a two-week timeframe, with progress saved for convenient stop-and-start learning.

42courses is rewriting the rules of eLearning, transforming education into an exciting and practical journey. By combining enjoyable content, practical skills from industry experts, a blended learning approach, and unique certification, 42courses is empowering individuals to become better versions of themselves, armed with the skills necessary to build a great career in the creative industries.

Photo by Eleni Afiontzi on Unsplash


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