A very popular course for marketers looking to significantly boost their skills, credibility and career prospects is the Mark Ritson Mini MBA program. More than 25,000 alumni, since 2016, have already discovered how this program can transform them into more effective and inspired marketers so perhaps, depending on where you are in your career, it’s worth a look for you too.

The program has three different streams:

Mini MBA in Marketing

The Mini MBA in Marketing is an MBA level, CPD accredited course is designed for marketers of all backgrounds, nationalities and educational levels. Over 90% of alumni complete the course feeling more inspired, confident and effective as a result of taking the Mini MBA in Marketing. Professor Mark Ritson guides you through the core MBA marketing content in just 10 on-demand modules. Starting off with market orientation, you’ll learn the most effective and imaginative tactics and techniques for developing a successful marketing strategy.

Mini MBA in Brand Management

Whether you’re already a brand manager, or a marketer interested in that side of things, the Mini MBA in Brand Management provides applied, advanced training in Brand Management. The course gives you a complete brand planning process, that you can use to enhance your own brand, as well as a simulator that tests your skills in a fully realised, competitive online setting. Again, the course includes 10 modules provided in 12 weeks, as well as interactive Q&A with Mark every two weeks.

Mini MBA in Management

All marketers should (and very often do) reach a point where they walk the line between marketing and business management. This course is designed to help anyone who’s already earned their marketing stripes to learn what it takes to make it in the boardroom too. Over 12 weeks, ten internationally renowned professors from some of the world’s leading business schools will be taking you through the fundamentals of successful management. Each of the ten modules will focus on a key part of an MBA syllabus, from Organisational Behaviour and Finance through to Negotiation and Conscious Capitalism.

Organisations looking to unite their marketing and management teams around a common ideology can avail of corporate training services.

For further info, head to https://mba.marketingweek.com/.


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