If you’re navigating the vast landscape of the media industry or seeking to enhance your existing skill set, look no further than the IMAA Academy. This comprehensive hub offers an array of educational resources and e-learning courses designed to empower individuals in the dynamic world of media.

Bridging the gap to success

The IMAA Academy stands out with a clear mission – to provide individuals with the necessary tools to not only meet but exceed their career aspirations in the fast-paced media industry. With a focus on delivering relevant content, the academy aims to bridge the gap between ambition and accomplishment.

A twelve-month program, in your own time

The academy’s structured twelve-month program covers a broad spectrum of introductory subjects related to Media. From foundational concepts to managerial insights in business, human resources, and compliance training, participants receive comprehensive, immediately applicable industry education. Whether diving into the basics or honing managerial skills, IMAA Academy offers a reliable compass in the complex world of media education.

Insights from professionals

Crafted by industry professionals, the academy’s content is curated by seasoned experts who comprehend the intricacies of the media landscape. Monthly releases feature engaging content accompanied by interactive learning materials, catering to diverse learning styles. Flexible scheduling options empower participants to learn at their own pace and on their own terms, accommodating even the busiest of lifestyles.

Outcomes that speak volumes:

Upon successfully completing the IMAA Academy program, participants will have gained:

  1. Foundational Understanding: A solid grasp of the media industry’s fundamentals lays the groundwork for a fulfilling journey.
  2. Media Landscape Mastery: Insights into the nuanced landscape and consumption patterns of media in Australia position individuals as well-informed professionals.
  3. Channel Expertise: The ability to identify and comprehend the roles, benefits, and purposes of each media channel enhances strategic acumen.
  4. Media Buying and Reporting Skills: Proficiency in the art of buying and reporting on various media channels makes participants valuable assets in the industry.

Courses are being added to all the time; at the time of writing they include Media 101, Cinema, Audio, TV, Out of Home, Digital, Regional, Publishing & News.

Flexible learning

Recognizing that everyone’s learning journey is unique, IMAA Academy offers flexibility for participants to tailor their learning experiences. Whether an early riser or a night owl, individuals can embark on this educational adventure at a pace that suits their schedule and preferences. For more information, watch the video below or visit https://theimaa.com.au/academy/.


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