When RyanCap opened the doors of Ryvalmedia Sydney in July 2022, the move positioned the media and communications agency, which already had offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, as the fastest-growing digital agency in the country. Fast-forward 18 months, and Ryvalmedia Sydney is living up to the hype with a record of solid growth in staff, clients and billings.

Looking ahead, Bianca Falloon, the general manager of Ryvalmedia Sydney, believes the focus is to continue building on the agency’s momentum to drive growth.

“We had a successful 2023, I think this year is about building on that momentum,” said Falloon. “This year’s already got off to a really fast start; we’ve already had two pitches, and a lot is coming down the pipeline already.”

She told Mediaweek the focus in 2023 was “building a team of high-performing talent”, which included key hires such as strategy lead Cameron Roberts and group business director Matthew Cuda. With the team in place, 2024 is all about growth.

“We’re super focused on continuing the momentum and capitalising on the growth we experienced last year and doing awesome work for our clients to help grow their brands and their businesses.”

According to strategy lead Cameron Roberts, The Ryvalmedia Sydney team remains optimistic despite the tightening macroeconomic conditions, thanks to a “laser focus” on the clients and their business objectives.

“Marketing has never been harder and more challenging for marketers,” said Roberts. “The number of choices to be made in media, technology and data can create inertia for organisations trying to make the right decisions to grow their brands and sales in the digital economy.

“Brands are looking for partners they can trust, that put their interests first and can help in making those decisions with the best information available. We’ve been able to help our clients navigate the deluge of choices facing brands today by putting a lot of rigour in our strategic responses and executing flawlessly. This has been a common theme speaking to our clients and one they value in us, communication and collective KPIs being the key.”

Roberts continued. “By integrating tightly with our clients, we’ve been able to scale testing efficiently and effectively, to find pockets of growth in competitive categories. It’s set us up for a strong year – we’ve been able to deliver results and it makes conversations with brands easier as our body of work speaks for itself.”

The agency has also benefited from the Labelium acquisition late last year, providing staff and clients with access to the network’s global team and best-in-class media thinking and execution.

“There’s already been great knowledge sharing; we’ve been chatting about marketing science, performance, and measurement, and bouncing ideas around is massively useful for the whole team. Connected thinking, for consumers in-market or those that are out, is what brands are looking for. Our product will continue to sharpen to meet any challenge our clients face.”

Falloon believes the agency’s ongoing success lies in its approach to partnering with clients to drive growth – which unsurprisingly is also the strategy to grow Ryvalmedia Sydney. “We have big growth ambitions, and we think we’ve got a great plan of attack to help our clients grow and, in turn, our own business. Our success is their success, and more brands that see that kind of mentality and the lengths we go to ensure we are working as true partners will continue to drive our business forward”. 

Originally published on Mediaweek 8th February 2024


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