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The Media Store

Imagine being able to go to work every day to help other businesses grow and flourish. That's what we get to do at The Media Store, help our clients find the right customers, at the right time to deliver their product or service messaging.

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The Media Store was founded in 1997 as one of the first Australian independent media agencies. We plan and buy paid media for consumer brands across all channels, whether that be digital or more traditional channels such as TV, radio, press and out-of-home. If you’ve seen one of our client’s ads thank us, if you loved the ad, thank the creative agency who produced it.

Within marketing and advertising, media is the end of the value chain where we spend large advertising budgets for countless Australian brands and businesses. The Media Store is in the business of solving our client’s business and marketing problems through the lens of media. Media is an important part of the marketing mix for any business, as it is where money is spent that is often seen to have no tangible outcome. We make sure that outcome through our publisher and network partners IS tangible and meaningful by staying true to our proposition of Media Re-imagined.

We are founding members of the Media Federation of Australia (MFA), the Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA), the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Network One (a global network of independent agencies).

Nicole Boyd, Head of Client Service
At TMS I feel encouraged, supported, trusted - it’s a joy to come to work. Management genuinely care about people.
Nicole Boyd, Head of Client Service

Meet the Team

Our team is full of passionate media professionals who truly want to re-imagine what media can do for our client’s business success. Our integrated team means that performance and digital experts sit alongside above-the-line planners and traders to provide holistic responses to client briefs. Coaching our teams are an experienced Senior Leadership team including a Head of Client Service, a Chief Strategy Officer, a Financial Controller, a Media Director, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer who are committed to developing and retaining best-in-class talent.

My role is to closely monitor the accuracy of paid search campaign delivery, performance and optimisation.
Emma, Digital Performance Executive
My role involves setting up our client’s digital campaigns correctly and liaising with them regarding ongoing optimisations.
Daniel, Digital Executive
My role involves working with our clients to plan their digital campaigns, recommending the best channels to meet their objectives.
Elaina, Digital Manager


We strive to re-imagine media, to push the boundaries of what’s possible for our clients. We take our responsibilities to staff very seriously and strive to be clear in what they are. We know that we need to give our people every opportunity within a stimulating environment to perform at their best, develop their skills and grow in confidence.

The benefits we offer our people are all designed to help them enjoy and appreciate The Media Store experience as best they can and to reflect the value we place on our staff. We understand that the agency business can be very demanding on people’s time and can place further pressure on those around us outside of work – so some of our benefits attempt to ease that pressure from time to time.

Parental Benefits

Primary caregivers receive 8-weeks parental leave. First time parents receive a pram.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Hybrid working, TMS Anywhere, For You Day. Parents, time-off on children’s birthdays.

Professional Development

GO1 always-on digital learning, industry body training, coaching, DISC, emerging leadership.

Share Options

New business and staff referral incentives available

Health & Wellness

Annual flu shots, gym discounts, sport teams, days off post pitches, pilates/yoga.

Free Food

Fruit, snacks, drinks, coffee machine. Media publisher lunch n learns.


Awards have never been our motivator for being both a great employer and a great business partner to our clients. However, celebrating our recent successes with our team is testament to this Aussie independent punching above its weight in the industry.

Over the past three years, we have been recognised for both our work, culture, and leadership;


  • MFA NGEN (emerging talent) Winners
  • MFA Long-term Results Finalist – Federal Chamber of Automotive Industry


  • B&T Women in Media Winner – COO, Social Change Maker
  • MFA Best Partnership Finalist – Seven Network
  • MFA Agency Talent & Culture Finalist
  • MFA Best Long-term Results Finalist – Toyota Motor Corporation Australia


  • B&T Women in Media Winner – COO, Executive Leader
  • Australian Great Place to Work, 13th Best Small Workplace
  • MFA Agency Talent & Culture Finalist
  • B&T Best Use of Data-led Marketing Campaign Finalist – Simply Energy

Recruitment Process

Our three core recruitment policy tenants are cultural fit, attitude, and aptitude. Whilst knowing your media craft is important for more senior roles, skills can be taught. What we look for is people who align with our vision and values, who have a passion for impeccable client service, continuous improvement, and a can-do attitude.

Our agency has always maintained a diverse representation of people who continue to bring an authentic care factor to our client’s business through collaborative, and honest relationships. We are an equal opportunity employer with people from many cultural and religious backgrounds, are gender and aged balanced and have had extensive experience hiring those with disabilities.

Unlike most recruitment processes, our model flips the traditional. Your first interview will be with the working team, for a more casual chemistry introduction to our agency culture. This is the place where you can ask all those curious questions about the role and what it’s like to work here from those on the ground.

Should you be successful your second (often final) round will be with your reporting Senior Manager and typically the COO (and CEO for SLT roles). This stage is to ensure alignment to our values and vision.

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