Adgile is a next generation, real-time performance management platform for Total TV advertising. We enable brands to easily understand, optimise and extend the effectiveness of their investment across video on demand and broadcast television. Our patented visual recognition technology literally watches TV, identifying all advertising, sponsorship and in-program brand content in high resolution, to create our own rich, structured, first-party data.

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  • Company Size 51-100
  • Primary Location Brisbane, QLD
  • Categories Digital Advertising Agency, Media Agency, TV Broadcaster

Partners & Data

With over 1 billion impressions tracked to date, and more than 18 million users tracked monthly we have the largest Attribution data set in Australia.

  • Hundreds of the world’s biggest brands trust us to measure and improve their return on investment
  • Agencies big and small have partnered with Adgile in their transition to Total Video
  • The largest broadcasters, DSP’s and streamers use Adgile to track ads and audiences

To see an example of the strength of our data, check out our best practice guide to Digital Video investment. This guide was produced by analysing over 1 billion BVOD impressions, from 102 campaigns, run from January 2021 to June 2022 by many of Australia’s largest TV Advertisers.

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