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Our supporters

Partnerships are integral to our ability to reach millions of potential candidates every week.

Our Key Supporters

Industry partnerships are pivotal in helping Advertising Industry Careers reach millions of Australians each week. In particular, collaborations with 10/Paramount and Mediaweek, who have been supporters from the beginning, are key to amplifying our message and reaching diverse audiences with industry news, ideas, opinions and job opportunities over the next two years.

10/Paramount and Mediaweek bring more than just their names to the table; they bring a wealth of experience, influence, and a shared commitment to our vision. These partnerships represent a collaboration built on the shared goal of expanding awareness about our industry and the significant opportunities within it.

Through these partnerships, AIC gains access to an extensive network and platforms that extend far beyond what would be achievable without them. 10/Paramount, with its local and global reach, provides us the ability to showcase our industry’s potential on an international stage. Mediaweek, with its understanding of and longevity in the Australian media landscape, helps us reach employers and candidates in a highly targeted way.

“We’re excited to work with AIC over the next two years to promote the amazing career opportunities in our industry.”

Rod Prosser
Chief Revenue Officer

Inviting other Media Partners and Advertising companies

Collaborations with like-minded organisations can amplify our collective voice and encourage more talent to consider working for our organisations. If your media organisation or advertising business shares our passion for promoting industry awareness and job opportunities, we invite you to explore collaboration possibilities. Whether through co-branded campaigns, sponsored content, or event partnerships, there are various ways to contribute to our mission. Get in touch with us to find out more.

“The industry has needed a game-changing job platform like this for a long time! When I was told about this it was a no-brainer to work with AIC.”

Trent Thomas
Managing Director, Publisher