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The competition for the best talent has never been harder. And just when you think things are getting easier, they will get harder again! It’s the nature of the talent game. Candidates, like consumers, require increasingly more information before deciding which companies they want to deal with. Organisations of all sizes can compete for the best talent, using their Employer Brand to attract candidates with the right skills, experience and matching values.

AIC is a career platform designed to promote employers and careers in the advertising and media industry. It’s a place where everyone from the experienced professional to the young student still in school can come to plan their next move. It’s where your company’s employer brand takes centre stage.

You can post jobs for all departments in your business. Check out the job search categories on our search tool to see what types of jobs can be posted.

As well as always-on digital campaigns, we have major partnerships with several media organisations including Paramount and Mediaweek. We also make our job listings available for industry bodies and other job boards to publish on their sites to ensure maximum reach for your opportunities.

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You don’t need to be hiring all the time to benefit from being here. Candidates in research mode can still find you, follow you and create alerts for jobs you post later. It’s important to have an always-on employer brand presence to build your pool of talent over time. You can also post expressions of interest when you know you’ll be hiring later.

Posting jobs with us requires that a business has an employer brand profile so that candidates can readily find the information they need. You can start with a basic profile and build on it over time. If you need to advertise a role anonymously, get in touch with us.


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Each job on our site is current and verified, so you won’t waste time on irrelevant or outdated listings. We only feature advertising jobs, creative jobs and media jobs from the most reputable employers in the industry.

How important is a compelling employer brand?

Even when you’re not actively recruiting, the power of a strong, always-on employer brand can resonate and leave a lasting impression on potential candidates. A positive employer brand is the only way to attract and connect with top-tier talent, many of whom spend months researching before making their move. Of course, your employer brand is also important in cultivating loyalty and engagement among your existing employees. We have plans for businesses of all sizes and can help you stand out as an employer of choice in the Advertising & Media industry, whether you hire every day or every now and again.